It’s time to wake up.

I was asleep for so long. Life was happening to me and I thought I had no control over it. As soon as the innocent child phase passed in my life, I always had this unease within me. I felt like I could do more but I was stuck and I didn’t know what I was trapped in.

In 1999, a movie came out called, The Matrix. When I watched this, it opened up my mind and gave me the intellectual framework to think about my life because there was something limiting me, there was something that made me feel adrift. The Matrix gave me the vernacular to think about what it was that made me feel this way.

In the movie, they talk about taking the red pill. The red pill’s only promise is the truth. That is all. It’s not going to make everything better and fix all of your problems. It’s simply going to reveal how the world really is. When the main character, Neo, took the red pill he was able to do extraordinary things like this:

This idea was so amazing to me, so I took the red pill, intellectually.

The Matrix

What I began to realize is that the mind IS the matrix. Now I’m not talking about the theory that we’re all living in a computer simulation. However, I am telling you today that right here, in this moment, the matrix has you. Even if you don’t think so.

I don’t know if you guys have heard of David Foster Wallace’s concept of “This is water”. But to a fish, water is so ubiquitous it ceases to exist. Now, we all have this same thing within us and it’s playing us. It’s keeping us from being who we truly want to become. That thing is our mindset, our belief system.

Our belief system is so ingrained within us, it is so ever present. It has been formed within you since you were born. It’s such a norm that it ceases to exist much like the water does to a fish. But here’s the thing… it is what controls your life. It is your inability to see that your mindset controls everything.

I realized not too long ago that once you become aware of the “water”, you can change everything. That you don’t have to be a scared, uncertain kid in south Georgia but you can truly become whoever you want to be. In understanding that, everything became possible.

You see, belief is simply a construct and if that’s true that means it can be changed. Listen to this, at ANY moment you can choose to believe something new about yourself. Here’s the funny thing about how the world works, when you believe something new it begins to become true especially when it is about one’s self. This is my secret to gaining self confidence and obtaining the success I have. It may be my most powerful secret.

Whatever beliefs you have about yourself, you will act in accordance with those. So if they are not helping you to achieve the success you want you need to change them! I’ll leave you with a quote that you should live by:

“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery over oneself.” -Leonardo Da Vinci

Wake up from the matrix, guys. Become aware of your beliefs because that is the makeup of your mindset which ultimately controls your destiny.. Once you do this, you can go, do, and be anything your heart desires. You have what it takes!

You are blessed and highly favored!


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